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Statistics and Lies.

June 4, 2013

Returning to the topic of politicians lying, I have to say that I whole heartedly agree with the Guardian’s  Peter Wilby when he writes that ministers  who misuse statistics to mislead voters must pay the price,

Nearly all ministerial resignations are connected with not telling the truth: submitting false expenses, covering up a speeding points swap, receiving favours from lobbyists. But telling untruths about official figures is somehow regarded less seriously.

Andrew Dilnot who is now  head of the UK Statistics Authority, should, Wilby, says have

…the power, in the worst examples, to require a full Commons censure debate on a minister’s conduct – with an expectation that, if he or she failed to offer an adequate defence or show contrition, resignation would follow. That would guarantee press attention and ministerial trembling. Big lies about big numbers require big deterrents.