Box-ticking, bean-counting, target-meeting in the NHSdoctors

Here, in a  comment is free  column for today’s edition of The Guardian north London GP and Urgent Care Centre doctor,  Dr Fred Kavalier , gives readers some insights into how the flawed management of which Simon Caulkin wrote on Friday is viewed by someone who has seen it close up.

In today’s box-ticking, bean-counting, target-meeting NHS, doctors and nurses are forced to concentrate on things that can be measured and quantified. In the process, we are forgetting many of the things that really matter – the things that are difficult to count and measure.

From 1 April, when all NHS services will be up for grabs by the private sector, it’s going to get much worse. For all its failings, some of which were highlighted by the recent Francis report into deaths at Mid Staffordshire hospital, the NHS has always had the care of patients as its core activity. GPs and hospitals were all singing from the same NHS hymnsheet.

In the new privatised NHS, many of the players will be singing from hymn sheets written in corporate boardrooms. Every single activity will need to be specified in a commercial contract. If some vital aspect of a service is left out it will not get done, or it will appear as an “extra” when the bill comes in…..

All of  which goes to show that the NHS has been in wrong hands for some considerable time now.