Cameron, the Duchess and the rest of us.

 Our busy Prime Minister, David Cameron has criticised Hilary Mantel, the Wolf Hall author, for describing the Duchess of Cambridge in a speech rprinted as an essay reprinted in the current issue of The London Review of Books, as ‘machine-made’ and ‘designed by committee’.

Mr Cameron was asked about the comments during a trade visit to India. “I think she writes great books, but I think what she’s said about Kate Middleton is completely misguided and completely wrong,” the Prime Minister said

Like Freddy Gray of The Spectator, I believe this

David Cameron should have read Hilary Mantel’s essay before criticising it.

And while we are on the subject, we might want to ask why it is never move to thinks that some of things his own ministers have been saying about people who will be less readily defended may be just a little “misguided” and on occasion “completely wrong”