Displacement of the poor…..

The forced displacement of according to an identifiable policy is, I’m reliably informed,  an example of “population transfer”. Is this an example of “population transfer”?

A council is planning the largest single displacement of poor people from London in the wake of the coalition government’s controversial welfare reforms, singling out more than 700 families to be moved up to 200 miles away.

Camden council said that it would shortly be contacting 761 households, comprising 2,816 adults and children, because the coalition’s benefit cap – which limits total welfare payments to £500 a week for families – will mean that they will be unable to afford their current accommodation or any other home in the south-east.

The Labour-controlled council warns that the majority of these families have three children and, once the cap is imposed this summer, will need to find on average an additional £90 a week for rent to remain in their homes – which means “sadly the only long-term solution for some households will be to move”…..

We come to this sorry pass when we have to seriously consider whether what we are seeing within our borders is “population transfer”, “development-induced displacement” or, my own preference, “disaster-induced displacement”.