Actively Seeking Employment ?????

The reduction or withdrawal of benefits as a penalty for not “actively seeking employment” from claimants by Jobcentre Plus is widespread and sometimes done on what must appear to them to the whim of an uncaring, self-serving bureaucracy.

In one case I have heard of, a person who had accepted a full-time place on a retraining course (therefore actively seeking work through training, one would think) was told that benefits would be withdrawn if the daily job-search was abandoned while waiting for the course to begin, or during the training period.

In another I have read of, a man who was given a job, which would begin a fortnight after the offer was made, had benefits withdrawn for not seeking work in the intervening 14 days.

Do people at the receiving end of such treatment understand why they  are being treated in this way? I doubt it. All of which makes me glad that I do not have to be subjected to such treatment any longer.