The Dick (Cheney) and Tony (Blair) love-in

Ewen MacAskill, reporting for The Guardian from Washington,  tells us today the Dick Cheney, in his autobiography*, “lauds Blair’s role in the ‘war on terror’ ”

In his autobiography published on Tuesday, the self-declared Darth Vader of the Bush administration pays tribute to the former Labour leader. Not only was BlairAmerica’s greatest ally during the Bush years, says Cheney, but his speeches about the “war on terror” were some of the most eloquent he had been privileged to hear.

If  Cheney’s praise were for anyone other that our deliriously serf-righteous ex PM, then we’d expect it to be ignored. Blair is what he ever was – a man covinced that his own feelings about how right he was about prosecuting the “war on terror” – is likely to wallow in Cheyney’s approval.

Nothing about Cheney has changed either.

He regards the invasion as justified, seeingIraqas a nexus between terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. “With the benefit of hindsight – even taking into account that some of the intelligence we received was wrong – that assessment still holds true,” he says.


*The 565-page autobiography  In My Time by Dick Cheney is published here tomorrow.