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The spiteful vote in the US.

November 4, 2010

Katha Pollitt’s verdict on the results of the midterm US elections which appears in today’s issue of The Guardian is brief and to the point.

Katha Pollitt: ‘Voters have shot themselves in the foot’

 Americans angry that the Obama administration bailed out Wall Street have voted for Republicans who will privilege high finance and big business even more. Americans outraged that the Democrats did not cure double-digit unemployment flocked to politicians who think the unemployed don’t want to work. Young people, who won expanded access to higher education and healthcare under the Obama administration, stayed home. I know it marks me as an elitist to suggest that American voters are less than wise or well-informed, but yesterday’s results really do seem to me like a textbook case of shooting oneself in the foot. If they really think the Republicans will help them they are in for a big surprise. On the other hand, if they voted Republican out of ideology then they will get exactly what they paid for: a crueller, more selfish, and more unfair America in which they themselves will be poorer, sicker and more alone – except possibly in their heads.

• Katha Pollitt is a columnist for the Nation

I’d like to suggest that voters in the UK may have done something akin to this when they went to the polls last time. For once, I really cannot say “only in America.”