Christine Tobin “Tapestry Unravelled” Jazz UK

Writing in the current issue of Jazz UK, Rob Adams , a Scottish music journalist who has for some time held Christine Tobin in high regard, has this to say about Tapestry Unravelled:

Jazz singing suffers from too many people trying to be someone else -usually an Ella, Billie or Frank – when the trick is to be yourself, and nobody makes this point better than the marvellous Christine Tobin on ‘Tapestry Unravelled’ (Trail Belle). Singing to Liam Noble’s strong but understated piano, Tobin revisits Carole King’s classic singer-songwriter album Tapestry in almost its entirety and,without offering any grand alterations, makes each song her own through her distinctive vocal tone, her honesty and an obvious depth of feeling for songs such as You’ve Got a Friend and – look out Aretha – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

It may come from the pen of a long-time admirer of Tobin’s, but I would maintain that is a more or less accurate summary of what she actually achieves on this album.

Jazz UK issue 94 August/September 2010 Download as pdf


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