The biotechnology ethics debate.

In a fascinating essay, published in BioNews 551 compares what happens in France and UK when the subject of biotechnology is on the agenda for discussion

 ‘Certain countries in Europe, France in particular, are trying to resist the ultra-liberal individualist ideology of the reproductive market. It’s too bad that some other countries have maintained a conspiracy of silence on that subject.’ (1) Guess who’s the villain of this recent statement by the French philosopher Sylvane Agacinski? Here’s another hint from a different source, Philippe Gosselin of the ruling UMP party: ‘We can’t be reduced to things, and the human body is not an object of commerce.’ (2) France, he says, needs to stand up for other values than the utilitarianism that dominates biotechnology debate in – yes, that’s right – the United Kingdom……[Read More].

 This is not Dickenson at her most eloquent, but it is her putting a case that I’ve not heard anybody in the UK put, and that makes what she has to say worth attending to.


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