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Clive James for Oxford professor of poetry?

February 18, 2010

Some time ago I wrote:

Clive James for Oxford professor of poetry?

By Kevin Cryan

Commenting, in today’s edition of The Observer,  on Ruth Padel’s decision to resign from the Oxford professorship of poetry, Robert McCrum, the paper’s literary editor, says who it’s supporting to replace her in the post.

Who will now step up to challenge for these slightly tarnished laurels? One thing is certain: the quiet campaign to persuade Clive James to step forward will have the support of the Observer, where he first made his name as a critic.

While James would not have been among my choices  of candidate the first time around, I can see that this time around he’s a very good one.

Clive James seems to have ruled himself out of the running forever, but after reading this article I’m not convinced that he could not be persuaded to throw his hat in the ring.