Tony Blair on trial.

In today’s edition of The Guardian the columnist Gary Monbiot puts forward the  crazy plan of backing Tony Blair for the EU presidency in the hope that somebody who can prosecute him for “the crime of aggression”

 Blair has the distinction, which is a source of national pride in some quarters, of being one of the two greatest living mass murderers on earth. That he commissioned a crime of aggression – waging an unprovoked war, described by the Nuremberg tribunal as “the supreme international crime” – looks incontestable. ….. This crime has caused the death – depending on whose estimate you believe – of between 100,000 and one million people. As there was no legal justification, these people were murdered. But no one has been brought to justice.

If Blair were elected president, he would, argues Monbiot, would have little control over his appointments, and everyone would know when he was coming.” This would mean that he could leave himself open to prosecution by countries which have incorporated into their laws the “crime of aggression”

It’s just possible that an investigating magistrate, like Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish judge who issued a warrant for the arrest of General Pinochet, would set the police on him. But our best chance of putting pressure on reluctant authorities lies in a citizen’s arrest. To stimulate this process, I will put up the first £100 of a bounty (to which, if he gets the job, I will ask readers to subscribe), payable to the first person to attempt a non-violent arrest of President Blair. It shouldn’t be hard to raise several thousand pounds. I will help set up a network of national arrest committees, exchanging information and preparing for the great man’s visits. President Blair would have no hiding place: we will be with him wherever he goes.

Sorry Gary, this is one dream I can’t see coming true.


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