Simon Caulkin bids farewell…..2

I have no idea how many letters The Observer received in the last week protesting about the  its decision to drop Simon Caulkin’s management column, but I imagine that this one pretty much sums up what a good many of them said.

Truly a voice of reason

What a terrible disappointment it is to learn that Simon Caulkin’s management column is being removed from the Observer (“Farewell, with a last word on the blunder years” , Business, last week). His elegant and considered writing, as well as his open-minded approach to the world, are hallmarks of the kind of journalism I thought the Observer nurtured and valued. I have often thought if people like Gordon Brown read him more assiduously, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

The Observer needs to retain its distinctive identity. This can be done by keeping the “voices” of its treasured columnists. Reading Simon Caulkin, along with Andrew Rawnsley and Philip French, is part of the way I keep informed.

Alastair Phillips. Coventry


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