The ugly and beautiful game.

As someone who has never come to terms fully with the idea that the best football in this country will only be played when the clubs, with no regard for supporters wishes, are allowed to fully participate in a free market economy where vulgar people with (usually) money dominate the sport for their own mercenary and vulgar ends, I think that this combination (see John Naughton’s online diary) of  comments  just about sums up the situation as I see it.

 The Guardian‘s Dave Conn’s opening paragraph is spot on,

 Manchester United versus Barcelona is a dream final for the romantic, two great clubs sharing traditions of skill and panache – yet the broader values they embody seem now to spring from opposing visions of the sport. On one side of Stadio Olimpico tomorrow will be Barça, “mes que un club” – more than a club – as the Catalan institution proclaims itself, bearing Unicef on the shirts, owned by 163,000 members. On the other will stand the famous Man United, soaked in history and tradition with AIG, the ultimate symbol of reckless financial speculation on their chests, and owned by the Glazers*.


*Malcolm Glazer


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