Hazel O’Connor – Coventry’s Walk of Fame.

A little while ago I mentioned that three people I greatly admired were to be honoured by the City of Coventry by having their names added to the city’s walk of fame. One was my good friend Hazel O’Connor.

Hazel o'connor star

Hazel O'Connor - Coventry's Walk of Fame plaque. Unveiled 16/05/2009

On Saturday the 16th, Hazel was in the city just long enough to see her star unveiled in Walk of Fame.

 Hazel, who was also celebrating her 54th birthday on Saturday, said: “I ran away from Coventry when I was 16, not because it was Coventry, but because I was a wild, crazy, hippy chick!

“I’ve travelled the world but always come back to Coventry because it’s my roots and the people have such good spirit.”

Informal photograph taken at unveiling ceremony.

Informal photograph taken at unveiling ceremony.


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