Warwick Folk Festival & Dick Dixon 2.

A couple of months ago I posted a note saying that I had great admiration for the work that Dick Dixon had done as the director of the Warwick Folk Festival.  I’m very pleased to read in this year’s official press pack  a report which says that the town of Warwick has officially acknowledged the work he has done over the last thirty years.

Festival Director, Dick Dixon has been involved since the first gathering in 1979 and has now been admitted as Honorary Freeman of the Town in recognition of his work as organiser and fundraiser for the event. This is the first time that the Town has honored anyone in this way since the Council was formed in 1974.

The Mayor of Warwick, Councillor Anne Mellor made the award during a recent Civic Evening. At the ceremony, she said, ‘Dick Dixon will be remembered for his gift to Warwick, the Folk Festival which has now grown into a national event attracting visitors and artists from all over the world.’

Says Dick ‘The award is a wonderful honour but the Festival’s success is down to the work of a large team of dedicated people and the fantastic support that we’ve received from the people of Warwick itself over the years.’

I, no matter what the recipient  may say to the contrary, think that this honour was bestowed on the right man.


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