OU marks Internet anniversaries.

2009 is a significant year in the history of the internet. It is the 40th anniversary of work beginning on of ARPAnet, the first computer network, now seen as the precursor of the internet. It is also the 20th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues commencing work on a development of what would be the World Wide Web.

 To mark the two  events, Professor John Naughton* and his colleagues at the Open University –itself forty years old this year – have added to the university’s iTunesU site an compliation album of interviews with some of the people who made significant contributions to the development of the internet.

Here’s John’s introduction, as he’s posted it to his own online diary.

Today, the Open University has added a new album to its iTunesU site to mark the fact that the packet-switched network, like the OU itself, is 40 years old this year. The album is a compilation of interviews we’ve done over the years with various Internet pioneers like Vint Cerf, Don Davies and Ray Tomlinson (the inventor of email). The whole shebang is headed by an overview interview with me.  Sufferers from insomnia can find it here

A Brief History of the Future: Origins of the Internet: John Naughton

*John Naughton is Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology with the Open University and a regular columnist with The Observer. More information can be found here,


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