Tim Garland on …jazz.

 One of my favourite British jazz musicians, saxophonist and composer Tim Garland, currently touring with  the Lighthouse Trio, explains to Liverpool Daily Post‘s reporter Laura Davis –Apr 27 2009 why the thinks jazz is not just “Glenn Miller or Acker Bilk or some black and white photographs or something which comes from a different age”


 “But jazz is about change and it’s about the music of the moment so you can’t get a more current type of music.”


Garland’s own take on the genre incorporates music from all around the world, picked up on his travels with pianist Chick Corea, with whom he won the Grammy.



“Whenever possible you try and pick up something local when you’re there. Maybe go to a concert of flamenco music, or Borneo jungle music, whatever it might be,” he says. “Jazz is the most welcoming of musical idioms in the world so it just works its way in.”

Audiences are getting more used to hearing performances that tap into world music, says Garland.


“We really are living in a global village now and the way everyone is used to hearing, in this iPod age, real hybrid forms,” he says.

“For me that’s wonderful. It’s celebrating the unity of the human race, nothing less than that.”



 “It’s highly-structured music but within that the jazz soloists are encouraged to do their own thing,” he explains.


“A few things don’t change, like the need to communicate.


“In the Lighthouse Trio, the three of us know each other very well and that’s what hooks the audience because they see the communication going on between us.

“With an orchestra, it’s also possible to get that same level of communication going between everyone but with that many people the whole thing needs to be much more structured.”



“We find quite often with this trio that a certain intimacy helps. I love to get that feeling from the audience when you can actually see them rather than just looking out into the darkness.


“It’s really like inviting everyone into your living room and saying – hey, let’s have this party.


·         TIM GARLAND and the Lighthouse Trio play Coventry Jazz Festival on Sunday the 24th of May.


Download Coventry Jazz Festival 2009 programme


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