Headteacher and his bonus.

There are some things that one picks up in the course of one’s reading that hardly need explanation or putting into context.  I would say that this  item, extracted from the Notebook column in The Guardtian – Education section –  is one of them.

• Sir Alan Davies, headteacher at Copland school in north London, didn’t return any of Notebook’s three telephone calls last week. Which is a pity, because we wanted to ask him why he has suspended the NUT representative at his school, Hank Roberts. We know, of course, that Roberts recently revealed Sir Alan’s £80,000 bonus last year, bringing his salary to £160,000, and £50,000 bonus the year before. But given that it’s public money, we assume Sir Alan believes the information ought to be in the public domain. There must be a simple explanation, and if Sir Alan cares to email it to francis@francisbeckett.co.uk, Notebook will report it next week.

I cannot wait till next week.


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