Obama’s Cassandras.

Andrew Leonard, the senior Technology & Business writer at Salon.com, has compiled a useful list of people of all political persuasions who have on thing in common, and that is the firm belief that the Obama administration’s handling of the economic crisis is flawed.


phrophets-of-doomApril 16, 2009 | At a moment of economic stress greater than most living Americans have ever experienced, it is no wonder that every move made by the administration of President Barack Obama to address the multiple simultaneous crises afflicting the economy has been greeted with howls of criticism from the left, right and middle. Now is a fertile time for a harvest of Cassandras, all preaching apocalypse. But it can be confusing — is the stimulus too big, or too small? Should banks be allowed to fail, or should they be nationalized?

Hard answers are in short supply. But here’s a guide to the prophets of doom. We’ve identified them, attempted to ascertain the moment when they first turned against the White House, and summarized the basic points of their critique. We’ve included economists, members of the business community, bloggers and, just for fun, two of the most anti-Obama Republicans we could dig up…[read on]

This could very well turn out to be Obama’s “O con noi o contro di noi” dilemma. Are those people who are not for him really against him?


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