An intriguing new singer…..

Stalking Juliet

Stalking Juliet

A girl singer whose principal accompanist is Gilad Atzmon and who sometimes sings “with a punkish ferocity, sometimes with rap’s percussive phrasing, and often with a faintly mannered mix of Tom Waits’s growl and Bob Dylan’s drawl” has got to be intriguing enough to be worth listening to, has she not?


I had not heard this singer before, but when I read the quoted description which comes from John Fordham whose review of Sarah Gillespie‘s debut album Stalking Juliet appears in today’s edition The Guardian, I’ll readily concluded that there is a strong possibility that Gillespie’s album will be making its way into my collection.  Mr. Fordham occasionally goes over the top when describing singers, but one can more than occasionally forgive him this because he more often than not recognises quality when he hears it.


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