Tim Garland @ Coventry Jazz Festival 2009

This is a wonderful piece that showcases Garland, in the company of his Lighthouse Trio partners, pianist Gwilym Simcock and percussionist Asaf Sirkis. at the top of his game. This, I believe, is the trio which appears at this year’s Coventry Jazz Festival. If it is, then jazz lovers are in for a real treat. 

This is what All About Jazz‘s Chris May, in a piece published the 20th of January this year, has to say, first,  about Garland himself, and then about the track Bajo Del Sol as it appears on the double album Libra


A magisterial tenor and soprano saxophonist and bass clarinetist, Garland is also a richly atmospheric composer and arranger. He is at home in both jazz and classical musics, and in either big orchestral settings or smaller, more intimate surroundings. These qualities are all heard, seamlessly woven together, on the outstanding 2CD set Libra, which features one of Garland’s current trios alongside the massed ranks of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra……………..


…..The salsa and tango informed “Bajo Del Sol,” with Garland on bass clarinet, shows how intense the Lighthouse Trio can be and just how much noisy excitement three musicians can create while still remaining lyrical.



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