Who is Gail Trimble?

This little snippet taken from from Lucy Mangan’s column in today’s edition of The Guardian answers that question.

Intellectually challenged Gail Trimble

Q: Your starter for 10: who is Gail Trimble?

A: She’s the University Challenge contestant who carried her Oxford college team to victory by answering two-thirds of the quiz questions single-handed.

Q: How did the public respond to this feat?

A: By and large with the traditional mixture of vitriol, contempt and gnashing fear that the British reserve for puppy killers, child abusers and intellectuals. They called her a snob, supercilious, patronising and many other derisive terms too depressing to repeat.

Q: Was she granted any meaningful accolade at all?

A: Yes. She was asked to do a photoshoot for Nuts magazine. But she turned it down.

Q: So she is a snob?

A: Yeah, totally.


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