Clive James raps the rappers.

In his interview with this month’s issue of The Observer Music Monthly, promoting the reissue  of the six Pete Atkin albums for which he wrote most of the lyrics, Clive James, while admitting that some of the opinions he used to hold about pop music in the past have now been revised, says that he still cannot summon up a great deal of enthusiasm for rap music or its practitioners. 

I can rhyme ‘nation’ with ‘station’ and ‘situation’ and ‘consternation’ forever. I just have.” Content, he takes a celebratory puff on his cigar and, chuckling, initiates a nasty coughing fit. “It’s writing for people who can’t write, to be listened to by people who can’t read. ……………..

Come on Clive, have you actually missed out on the “verbal energy” that 1995 Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney detected in the likes of “this guy Eminem”?

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