Footnote to Clive James as a role model.

The American-born freelance journalist who now works in England England  Jean Hannah Edelstein  has made Clive James’s Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the Margin of My Time one of her two choices for The Observer’s “Pick of the paperbacks 2008 

Cultural Amnesia
Clive James

Picador £14.99
“This is a beautiful book. James proves himself not only to be in possession of a towering intellect, but a singular ability to communicate his often slightly obscure passions in a manner that is warm and enriching.” JHE

The evidence seems to keep piling up that James is thought more highly of by people from outside British literary circles than by those inside them. There is also the possibility that this is because James’s past life as a TV personality works against his being taken seriously in any other sphere of activity.

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