Pete Atkin talks radio from LA

On November the 11th and 18th’s podcaster Tracy Pattin posted two podcasts of conversations she had with radio director Pete Atkin while he was in Los Angeles directing the second series of the comedy drama set in a Carmelite monastery by Christopher Lee, Kicking The Habit.

What Pete has to say about radio drama is engaging enough fro me to wish to post and preserve the podcasts on this site.



Pete Atkin is a British singer-songwriter and radio producer notable for his 1970s musical collaborations with Clive James and for producing the BBC Radio 4 series This Sceptred Isle and Kicking The Habit, written by Christopher Lee. Produced by Rosalind Ayres and Martin Jarvis.


Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin talks to BBC Radio Director Pete Atkin Tuesday, November 11th, 2008


Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin talks again to BBC Radio director/Producer Pete Atkin Tuesday, November 18th, 2008



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