Palin may “plough through open door” to ’12

Sarah Palin, now out of the running for a top job in the USA this time round, appears to be looking forward to 2012 according to an Irish Independent report

The year 2012 is no ordinary date for Sarah Palin. It has now become simply “Twelve”: the kind of gung-ho abbreviation you might give a billion-dollar grossing movie franchise or, more to the point, a historic ex-beauty- queen-takes-the-White House presidential l election campaign.

“If there is an open door [to run for president] in Twelve — or four years later — and if it’s something that’s going to be good for my family, my state, my nation, an opportunity for me, then I’ll plough on through it,” said the Governor of Alaska and former Republican vice-presidential candidate in an interview broadcast on Fox News last night.

Her mangling of metaphors should mean that she does not stand a chance of being even on the Republican ticket. But, will it? It has to be borne in mind that Republicans have never made it obligatory that its leaders have an Abe Lincoln-like command of the English language.

A great leader seems to be able to find just the right metaphor that clarifies the idea and minimizes distortion. Warren Bennis


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