Donna Dickenson at Oxford Christmas Book Fair

Writers In Oxford, a society of about 200 authors who reside the city, is holding a Christmas Book Fair at the The Corner Club, Oxford, on Saturday, November 22 between 10.30am and 5pm.

Cherry Moteshar, the society’s membership secretary, says the aim of the fair, the first of its kind organised by the group, is to bring the public into closer contact with authors.

Ms Moteshar says : “There are people living next to writers who are reasonably famous, but they don’t even know it”.

“This event will give people the chance to get to know writers and their works, and talk to them about the ideas behind the books.”

The Writers In Oxford chairman, Frank Egerton, first novel The Lock was published in 2003, will be participating, as will the crime writer Peter Guttridge, author of the popular Nick Madrid series of books, the erotic fiction writer Olivia Knight, and medical ethics writer Donna Dickenson, whose latest book Body Shopping, has been published recently.


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