For The West Wing(nuts), a dream comes true.

A letter  in today’s edition of The Guardian says it all

Is another series of The West Wing being planned? So that we can find out what happens next.
R Neil Davies
Hassocks, West Sussex


Excerpt from: The West Wing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Parallels to 2008 U.S. presidential election

Similarities between the fictional 2006 election and the real-life 2008 U.S. presidential election have been noted in the media. Specifically, it has been noted that a young minority Democratic candidate (Matthew Santos on the show, Barack Obama in real life) has a grueling but successful primary campaign against a more experienced candidate (Bob Russell on the show, Hillary Clinton in real life) and chooses an experienced Washington insider as his running mate (Leo McGarry on the show, Joe Biden in real life), whereas the Republican contest is determined early in the primary season with an aging maverick senator of a Western state being the nominee (Arnold Vinick on the show, John McCain in real life) and then a running mate from a small Republican state (West Virginia Governor Ray Sullivan on the show, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in real life)….


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