Barbara Kilduff & those 6 degrees of separation.

Of late, having almost accidentally come across it, I have developed an enthusiasm for the voice of the wonderful American soprano Barbara Kilduff. While waiting to get hold of some of her work on DVD or CD – I’m still a bit of an old fogey about how I like to listen to my music or watch my television – I have been watching her sing in YouTube excerpts (inclucing the Papageno-Papagena Duet and the ending) from the Metropolitan Opera‘s 1991 production of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) and listening to some of the recordings she has placed her own site .


The thought did cross my mind that it was very unlikely that I should ever get the opportunity of seeing he on stage, either in recital or in opera. However, when my researches revealed that she, a native of Dix Hills, New York,  is actually married to a Portarlington man whom I got to know quite well in the mid-sixties, and with whom my good friend, and co-author of A New Dictionary of Irish History from 1800, Jim Doherty, has remained on a friendly footing, I began to reconsider.


Who, back in 1968, would have predicted that he would not only meet, but marry, a leading light on the American opera world? Nobody, I’ll wager. So why should I rule out the possibility of ever seeing her on stage? There may, after all be more to the  six degrees of separatiion than I’ve allowed for. Maybe, sometime in the next decade, if fate spares me, I’ll get my chance.

 New York Times report

Dermot O’Farrell, Barbara Kilduff


Top of Form

Published: July 12, 1993


Barbara Jane Kilduff, a coloratura soprano in New York, was married yesterday to Dermot Patrick O’Farrell, the quality programs manager in Limerick, Ireland, for Analog Devices, a manufacturer of computer microchips. The Rev. Paul F. Wancura performed the Episcopal ceremony at the Caroline Church of Brookhaven in Setauket, L.I…[read on ,,, ]


The Magic Flute  with  Barbara Kilduff as Papagena, Manfred Hemm as Papageno and  Kurt Moll as Sarastro. Kathleen Battle Queen of the Night Conductor James Levine and the Metropolitan Orchestra (Jan 1991)

Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion – Barbara Kilduff, Soprano – G.F. Handel “Messiah” – Performed December 10, 2006, St. Joeseph Cathedral, Wheeling, WV – Part of the Messiah Performance by the Bethany College Choir – Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia.  


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