A New Dictionary of Irish History from 1800.

In my last posting I mentioned, as a blatent plug, A New Dictionary of Irish History from 1800, the book my friend Jim Doherty co-authored with Denis Hickey.

I could say that I heartily recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the development of modern Ireland. but the publisher Gill & Macmillan has done it justice in the blurb

The standard reference guide to modern Irish history ‘ the only such book devoted entirely to the modern era’ is now available in paperback. This classic work will be a boon to everyone with an interest in Irish history.
Long established as a reliable, accurate and comprehensive reference work, it includes quirky and offbeat headwords as well as the anticipated entries for political, social and economic history.

‘’an invaluable guide for all students of history as well as a ready reference work for everyone else, including journalists and even historians.’
Irish Examiner

‘This is the best Irish history reference book you will get on your shelves.’
Evening Herald

A New Dictionary of Irish History from 1800

A New Dictionary of Irish History from 1800 - D.J Hickey and J.E.Doherty

‘The whole panoply of Irish life is visited with some 2,000 articles on subjects as diverse as emigration, governments of Ireland, home rule, loyalism, agrarian violence, secret societies, together with hundreds of concise biographical articles ‘ This book is excellent in every respect a treasure trove of varied and fascinating historical information. Very few books that I know will be as useful to the academic, the student or the general reader attempting to deepen their knowledge of modern Ireland.’
Irish Catholic

Author Biography

D. J. Hickey is a retired architectural draughtsman.
J. E. Doherty is a teacher. Both have researched and written widely in Irish history over many years. Their Chronology of Irish History since 1500 is also a standard reference book.

Believe me, it does pretty much what it says on the label.

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