Clive James & Pete Atkin: Live 2003.

The songwriting team Clive James (lyrics) and Pete Atkin (music)ave just put on general release the recording of their 2003 tour of Austrailia as Clive James & Pete Atkin: Live 2003.

For those of us who are already acquainted with this pair and their, this by no means a watershed event. I’d guess that what we have done is buy the album, listen it once or twice and then allow it to sit on the shelf gathering dust while we return to listening to some of their other (better) albums. However, for people who have never listened to the songs before, then this is a good introduction and a good way of being introduced. There, I believe,  enough on it to whet the appitite for more
There have not, as far as I know, been too many reviews yet, but I did come across this  one in the monthly music and film magazine, UNCUT,

Clive James & Pete Atkin

Live 2003



Pete Atkin and Clive James have been writing songs together for over thirty years, James supplying the lyrics and Atkins the music and performance. In 2003 they took their show to Australia, with James interspersing extracts from  his Unreliable Memoirs, James’s ubiquity and polymath pretentions can be annoying, but he can turn a good lyric – comparing the playing of guitar “forever caressing a frigid wife” – to Atkins’ inoffensively folkish accompaniment.. Some of his spoken routine is tailored to an Australian audience and as such is hard to get, but he’s funny, self-deprecating and often illuminating.


David Stubbs.


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