Fedral Government (US) – who limits its power?

In his September the 30th National Review Online column, Conservative talk radio host, lawyer, and columnist, Mark R. Levin, praising “the House Republicans  bold stand against what had been a stampede on a scale I have never before witnessed on matters of huge consequence”,  (in other words,  for rejecting the bail-out of Wall Street), makes the following observation:

The liberal uses crises, real or manufactured, to expand the power of government at the expense of the individual and private property. He has spent, in earnest, 70 years evading the Constitution’s limits on governmental power. If conservatives don’t stand up to this, who will? If they don’t offer serious alternatives that address the current circumstances AND defend the founding principles, who will? The House Republicans have done both.  And I, for one, thank them.

Terrific stuff. But is anybody paying attention? I doubt it.

Glenn Greenwald, in his always-readable Salon.com column of the same day, gets in a rather good riposte

Indeed. I wish those liberals would stop exploiting crises in order to expand the power of Government at the expense of the individual, but I sure am grateful that our nation is teeming with stalwart conservatives who defiantly stand up to those erosions, because if they didn’t, who would? You can read all about the conservatives’ heroic stance in defense of our Founding Principles over the last eight years…………

If it weren’t for the heroic resistance led by the small-government, Constitution-loving conservatives at National Review, Weekly Standard and right-wing talk radio — cheered on by the freedom-loving, truth-seeking investigators of the right-wing blogosphere — we’d probably be living in some sort of Lawless Surveillance State by now, complete with secret prisons, state-sanctioned torture, warrantless eavesdropping on U.S. citizens, process-less and indefinite imprisonments, a virtual abolition of Fourth Amendment guarantees, and other anti-constitutional nightmares too heinous even to contemplate. As the heroic freedom-fighter Mark Levin so memorably put it: “If conservatives don’t stand up to this, who will?”

In 2006, I … wrote a deeply admiring book chronicling the Right’s historic crusade in defense of core Constitutional liberties, as the American Left relentlessly sought during the Bush presidency to exploit the 9/11 attack, Saddam Hussein’s mushroom clouds, the evil labs of Mrs. Anthrax and Dr. Germ (the Five of Hearts in the U.S. Government’s deck of playing cards), Sinister Sleeper Cells lurking on every neighborhood playground, the revolving door of New Hitlers, and so many other crises — real or imagined — in order to expand federal government power at the expense of the individual.

Terrific stuff. But I wonder if anyone us listening? I doubt it.


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