Clive James & Michael Parkison – the webcasters.

Yesterday I noted that Clive James had written a piece for The Times extolling virtues of webcasting and explaining why he thinks it has an edge on conventional broadcasting when it came to interviewing the kind of people he chooses to interview.

Today it is reported in The Telegraph that, at 73, the broadcaster Michael Parkinson is launching which offers interview clips from his shows and a Parkinson blog. The Telegraph notes:

Parkinson is not the first ageing TV host to take this route. Clive James presides over the culturally highbrow, where he continues to conduct interviews, albeit on minicam in his own living room.

Parkinson’s webcasts, according to The Telegraph” may…  

….. not be beaming into millions of homes on a Saturday night, but by banishing the one-size-fits-all requirements of mass-market media it allows the host to engage intelligently with a more dedicated and focused audience

Not unlike what James has been doing, then.

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