Donna Dickenson’s “Body Shopping” reviewed.

American journalist and editor of  Doublethink, – the magizine that sets itself the task of developing “young conservative and libertarian writers” – Cheryl Miller has written a lengthy review (or maybe I should say useful précis) of Donna Dickenson’s Body Shopping: The Economy Fuelled by Flesh and Blood  [link to earlier entry] (Oneworld,), for the Washington-based magazine, The Weekly Standard.

To be cured by the hangman’s noose did not always have so ominous a sound.

Throughout the Middle Ages, executioners routinely dissected the bodies of their victims, and sold the various parts as medicinal remedies. Human fat, rendered from the bodies of criminals, was used to treat a variety of ailments, including broken bones, sprains, and arthritis. For those suffering a bad cough, a potion might be administered, which would include pieces of the human skull ground to a fine powder. Epileptics sought out public beheadings so they could drink from the criminal’s blood while it was still warm and supposedly at the height of its efficacy.

If you think such grisly practices have gone the way of feudalism, Body Shopping: The Economy Fuelled by Flesh and Blood will make you think again. ………… 

…….. Body Shopping describes a science that has become positively vampiric in its insatiindividually appraised and priced: “Hand, $350-$850, Brain, $500-$600, Eviscerated torso, $1,100-$1,290.” A whole cadaver can fetch up to $20,000. The uses to which this tissue is put are no less gruesome. Bone dust from stolen cadavers might be found in your dental work. The collagen used to plump a starlet’s lips is likely derived from the cells of an infant’s foreskin. The “secret ingredient” in the various beauty treatments marketed to Russian women? Aborted fetuses from Ukraine. able appetite for human tissue and organs, sometimes outright stealing the raw material it needs. A veritable black market in human flesh has been established, with each part……(read on)

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