Clive James the proselyte of webcasting.

Clive James, in today’s edition of The Times explains why he thinks he gets better interviews  with  people when  interviewing them for his own webcasts than he did when broadcasting on mainstream television.

 Two thirds of the way through taping the latest batch of face-to-face interviews for the Talking in the Library feature on my website,, I find that the differences between webcasting and ordinary television become ever more clear. The main one is that there is a lot less hoo-ha.

 ………. The absence of hoo-ha translates directly into natural ease. No demoralising facial rebuild in the make-up department, no alienating hour’s wait in the dressing-room. Bright people get cheesed off by all that fuss. Catch them on the wing, and you see how smart they really are.

One thing I do know, and it is this: Clive James is an altogether better interviewer – more at his ease in that role – than he was when broadcasting on mainstream television.


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