Sarah Palin – what’s to fear?

This is what what John Naughton has to say about this performance

I’m tired of hearing people pay obesience to John McCain because of his, er, heroism. Whatever principles he once may have had have already been jettisoned in the interests of getting elected. Besides, a guy who could offer this religious crackpot to his country as a potential president needs to be certified, not elected

This story from yesterday’s Open Salon makes her even more scary.

This video of Kenyan witch-hunter Thomas Muthee exorcising witches from Sarah Palin at her church in Wasilla, Alaska, is unbelievable.

Muthee, who founded of the fundamentalist Word of Faith Church in Kenya in 1989, gained notoriety when he determined that a local Kenyan woman known as “Mama Jane” was a witch who was responsible for inciting people to commit crimes in the violent Nairobi slum area called Kiambu; Muthee gathered a mob of followers and drove the woman from town

He has frequently been called to preach at Palin’s church in Wasilla, the Wasilla Assembly of God, appearing there at least ten times, most recently just this month.

In October 2005, Muthee prayed over Sarah Palin and called on God to make her Alaska’s governor and drive away the  witches who were attacking her.  Palin later told her church that she was wowed by Muthee’s hands-on performance, calling it “very, very powerful.”

Here’s what Rev. Muthee said while praying over Palin: 

Thomas Muthee exorcising witches from Sarah Palin

Children and persons of a nervous disposition may find this disdurbing. I know that I do.


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