Clive James talks to… Sir. Tom Stoppard

The new series of Talking in the Library, Clive James’ thirty minute video-taped interviews with people from the arts and media, begins with a conversation between Clive and  the playwright Sir Tom Stoppard whose translation of a minor Chekhov, Ivanov, starring  Kenneth Branagh and Gina McKee, is running to gathering critical acclaim in the West End. 

This interview is being broadcast by Times Online as an “exclusive”, but, in the fullness of time, will no doubt be available Mr. James’s own website, .


Extract from Times Online article by Ben Hoyle, Arts Reporter.

“I think in a way that theatre is essentially a recreation,” he tells Clive James in the first of a series of conversations recorded at the London flat of the Australian writer and broadcaster. “I am very, very lowbrow about it. When I consider what I wish it to do, I wish it to give people a good time on one level or another.”


Sir Salman Rushdie, Germaine Greer and Will Self are lined up for this new series.


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