The Poetry Archive & me

In today’s edition of The Guardian the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, uses the This Week in Books column to report how and colleagues developing The Poetry Archive  – the web-based collection of poets reading their own work they set up two years ago – have been working with Poetry Foundation in Chicago to add American voices to those already audible on the site. The first dozen, T. S. Eliot and Allen Ginsberg   went live this week, and a hundred or so more are earmarked to be added over the next three years.

The Poetry Archive is a web-based collection of poets reading their own work, which also contains a great deal of educational material, that my friend Richard Carrington and I launched with a small team of helpers a little over two years ago at ……. over 125,000 people now visit the site each month, and each month they read more than a million pages of poems. The “problem” with poetry is not to do with declining appetite; the problem is to do with delivery. The Poetry Archive is helping to solve that. ……[read on]

I quite like dipping into this archive, for the very good reason that it quite often has me reading poets I might not otherwise have encountered.  

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