Sinatra on Screen 2

The National Media Museum earlier this year recorded, for podcasting,  Adrian Wootton’s talk on Sinatra’s screen career earlier this year.



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Celluloid Sinatra: An Illustrated Talk – Adrian Wootton


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Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London, former artistic director of the London Film Festival and long-time Sinatra aficionado, has curated programmes and written about Sinatra over the last 15 years. In this illustrated talk, part of a UK-wide tour.

Never dwelling too long in one place and illustrating various points with audio and film clips, this was like the best bits of a BBC Four documentary without the inevitable talking heads and padding.

Thanks to Adrian Wootton and the Filmhouse for taking the time to put on this fascinating talk and here’s to my discovery of some new old films and music – I think I may be becoming a “Frankophile” already.

Review by Jonathan Melville who attended Celluloid Sinatra at Filmhouse in Edinburgh on its national tour.


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