A texter or Ghengis Khan? 2

David Crystal

David Crystal

I rounded off my original diary entry, A texter or Ghengis Khan? by saying that ‘there much food for thought in this essay by (David) Crystal, and I’m likely to be chewing on it for a while.’

While I’m chewing on it, here I have succinct piece of thinking taken from an interesting interview the man himself has given to John Crace for The Guardian and published, under the  headline Gr8 Db8r takes on linguistic luddites, in the  Education section of that paper

“If you can’t spell a word, then you don’t really know whether it’s cool to misspell it. Kids have a very precise idea of context – none of those I have spoken to would dream of using text abbreviations in their exams – they know they would be marked down for it.”




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