Clive James at the movies 2.

Here’s an extract from the review Australian Stage’s Helen Barry  has written after the Movie Music: Crime Time given by the Sydney Symphony orchestra, with Cive James as presenter.


Sydney Symphony’s Movie Music: Crime Time is one for the film buffs. Featuring the scores of many of Hollywood’s greatest composers, it’s a thrilling and fascinating journey through some of the most memorable music from the movies. Better still, it’s hosted by the undeniably witty Clive James, who in between furnishing the audience with details about the composers and the films on offer spends the majority of the evening blissfully ensconced in a comfy chair that’s been expressly provided for that very purpose. And it has to be said that there’s something that’s just plain fun about watching Clive James on stage in front of the orchestra, it’s kind of like we’ve crashed a party at his place or caught him in a private chill-out moment – but enough about Clive, the real star is the Sydney Symphony orchestra themselves and they are in fine form here………………….

It’s worth noting in your listening diary, if you have got one, that the concert is scheduled to be broadcast later in the year by Australia’s ABC Classic FM.
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