Christine Tobin and the Irish press 2

Some sections of the Irish media have begun, with a little prompting from yours truly, to take note of the fact that the winner of the 2008 BBC Jazz Award for Best Vocalist went to one of our own, the Dublin born singer Christine Tobin.

It has to be said that it seems to me absolutely disgraceful that the same papers which give coverage by the acre to an already popular singer like Daniel O’Donnell – who has by now little need of help from the press – while at  the same time ignoring somebody who is considered by many uniquely gifted, and who deserves to be better known both in this country and in Ireland.

A week or so ago I posted a profile which appeared in rhat week’s edition of The Irish Post. Now, ot on its heels, comes this item which is published in the current edition of The Irish World .

These articles are, I believe, steps in the right direction.


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