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The historian, Edward Vallance, author The Glorious Revolution: 1688 and Britain’s Fight for Liberty, who has in one way or another been keeping a close eye on my recent online diary entries on Cromwell, reminds me, in his own online diary entries, that there are writers and historians form inside Ireland who do not believe that Cromwellian conquest of Ireland took bloody course many Irish historians, including Micheál Ó Siochrú author of God’s Executioner: Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland would have us believe.


He points his readers to Tom Reilly, author of Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy, as an example of someone who, he believes, ‘throws down a challenge to Irish historians over their treatment of Cromwell’


From the Author
This book is ahead of its time
As author of this book, I feel that many historians in Ireland are not ready yet for ‘an honourable’ Cromwell – nor indeed are the people of Ireland. I thought that I would change the history books and public opinion about this much maligned historical figure by publishing the truth about Cromwell’s Irish campaign. The reaction – among the under forties on the whole – was good, but among historians and the over forties it was bad. They can’t seem to accept that an amateur could discover such a fundamental flaw in Irish history ie that neither Cromwell or his men ever engaged in the killing of any unarmed civilians throughout his entire nine month campaign. The facts are there for all to see. But God bless Ireland the past is still the present here and we MUST have our English hate figures – despite the truth. How sad is that?

Tom Reilly Author – Cromwell An Honourable Enemy –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Those interested in this subject should have a look at some of the other material Vallance points to.


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