“Top Gear” sell or shelve?

You might think that this correspondent to the letters pages of mediaguardian, That’s until you realise that he does have a good point,

Time to put a brake on Top Gear shenanigans

This would be funny if it did not have so many destructive social effects. As Bea Campbell showed in her book Goliath, programmes like Top Gear encourage poor young men to steal cars and drive them lethally – the joyriding which women campaigners in Scotswood, Newcastle, have renamed “deathriding”; now Clarkson is encouraging young men to use more guns.
But Top Gear’s most extensive, lethal influence is on middle England: eschew public transport (which is obviously only for old women), buy gas-guzzlers, destroy wildernesses with them, ignore speed limits, and denounce even the pathetically weak measures which the state employs against these behaviours.
The BBC used to be a public service broadcaster but this has been eroded by 30 years of neoliberal government. And the BBC’s mission now evidently includes promoting environmental destruction and violence worldwide. Does a cultural left still exist in this country to organise against this barbarism?
Jamie Gough, Sheffield




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