Christine Tobin and the Irish press.

A few weeks ago, I posted a  note in this diary, congratulating  the Irish jazz singer, Christine Tobin, on winning best vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards 2008.

It struck me at the time that the media in Ireland seemed to either ignore Christine’s achievement, or simply did not understand that it is achievement. It certainly was not given the sort of coverage it deserved.

Now, a little late, The Irish Post , which is not a paper that usually has much truck with either either jazz or classical music, has made up for things by, this week ,devoting a whole page of of its social magazine, rí-rá , to Christine. 

It’s fairly obvious from the beginning that the interviewer, Fiona Audley, is out of her depth when talking and writing about jazz, and that the questions she asks come from the limited armoury pre-prepared questions she uses when dealing with any entertainer. However, one should not carp too much; the paper and the interviewer have at least acknowledge Christine’s achievement – and that’s counts, or should, for something.


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