Education Testing Services bag on eBay

This, reported in today’s edition of The Guardian, is an almost inspired way of making a point.

· For sale on eBay – one genuine limited-edition ETS bag. You may feel the £100 tag is steep for a white paper bag, but as the seller (evidently a disgruntled examiner) points out, the firm who screwed up this year’s Sats won’t be producing any more of them.

The bag – he or she informs eBay customers – was given to attendees of the “badly organised and excruciatingly boring” training sessions prior to the exam marking (along with several kilos of instruction/training manuals).

Delivery? “It’ll be late, very late actually, and when it arrives there will be parts of it missing, just like the Sats papers!”

After wondering whether to offer it to Ed Balls (“because he’d be bound to overpay for it – just like he did for the services of ETS”), the seller warns that questions will not be answered “so you can experience,in part, the frustrations of being an examiner for these clowns”.



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