Bill Clinton @ DNC 2008

I have yet to see Bill Clinton deliver his speech to the Democratic National Convention 2008  but I’m putting it on my must-see list because John Naughton says that it has much to recommend it.

I’ve heard heard Clinton speak before (and was impressed by him) but this was a truly masterful effort. It reminded me of Aristotle’s identification of the three elements of rhetoric: what is said; who is saying it; and the occasion on which it is being said. Clinton’s speech worked on all three levels.

 What’s been amazing about this presidential election is the amount of raw energy it reveals in the American system. I cannot imagine a single British politican capable of engaging at this level with ideas and passion. And it makes one depressed to think of what lies in store for us over here as the political conference season approaches


31/08/08 12:45

It is indeed an impressive display of oratory.  


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