Kel Elliott – coming of age or what?


 It’s been five of six years since I first saw the young Kel Elliott perform, but I can still recall clearly thinking then her approach to making music suggested that she was had all that was needed to make a very competent performer who, though crowd pleasing, would never command crowds big enough for her to depend on them for a living.


In the intervening years, either she’s grown up, or I’ve come to realise that I underestimated her in the first place. She has certainly now got a lot more to her than than I thought.  if the tracks I’ve listened to from her recent album, How Can I Resist, are anthing to go by. They (see myspace link below) are written and performed by someone who cannnot be easily dismissed as merely  competent. She is, I now believe, the real deal, maybe not a first or second division player, but almost certainly at the top of her game in the third division.


Elliott, as a lyricist, may,as she says,  have learned her craft by going out “armed with a notebook, pen, digital dictaphone, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary” and writing about what she sees and hears, but already she’s producing songs that suggest that she has a much more sophisticated set of tools to hand than either that her own evidence suggests, or, than she realises


I can’t wait to get hold of the album. It’s quite a while since I said that about a singer new to me.  



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