Clive James & Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Award

I posted this announcement about Clive James’ book  Cultural Amnesia to The Pete Atkin Web Form (Midnight Voices) on the 6th  of this month.




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Cultural Amenesia is on the non-fiction short list for the 2008 (Australian) Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.  
The winner in each category gets a generous tax free prize of $100, 000 (£46,658 approx). So there is a little more than just prestige at stake.  

Australian Government________________________________
Department of the Environment, Water. Heritage and the Arts.
Arts and culture
2008 short list _____________________________
2008 short list
The Arts Minister Peter Garrett* has announced the short list for the 2008 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards.  
Short list: Fiction
The 91 entries in the fiction category of the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards included a wide range of contemporary Australian fiction.  
The seven short-listed fiction books include works in prose, a compilation of short stories and one work in verse. Among the short list are writers whose distinguished careers have spanned decades as well as debut authors whose careers are just beginning.  

  • Burning In Mireille Juchau (Giramondo)
  • El Dorado Dorothy Porter (Picador)
  • Jamaica Malcolm Knox (Allen and Unwin)
  • Sorry Gail Jones (Vintage)
  • The Complete Stories David Malouf (Knopf)
  • The Widow and Her Hero Tom Keneally (Doubleday)
  • The Zookeeper’s War Steven Conte (Fourth Estate)

Short list: Non-fiction
A total of 103 books, traversing topics from politics, art, philosophy and architecture were entered in the 2008 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards non-fiction category.  
The judges selected the seven short-listed books because of their originality, rich detail and clarity of writing. Included in the short list are histories born from meticulous research, engaging accounts of survival and moving stories that resonate long after the book has been closed.  

  • A History of Queensland Raymond Evans (Cambridge University Press)
  • Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the Margin of My Time Clive James (Picador)
  • My Life as a Traitor Zarah Ghahramani with Robert Hillman (Scribe)
  • Napoleon: The Path to Power, 1769–1799 Philip Dwyer (Bloomsbury)
  • Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers Philip Jones (Wakefield Press)
  • Shakespeare’s Wife Germaine Greer (Bloomsbury)
  • Vietnam: The Australian War Paul Ham (HarperCollins)

Kevin Cryan
Peter Garrett
The winner is to be announced next month.

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According to today’s edition of The Canberra Times, Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, will announce the winners of the Prime Ministers Literary Award on September the 12th.


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