Clive James @ Edinburgh Fringe 2008

Martin Miller of HAIRLINE: fringe has got some nice things to Clive James’s appearances at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Clive James In Conversation

Clive James is at the Edinburgh Fringe performing in the evenings where he discusses quite openly his fascinating life, but for one week only he has a second show, one involving an hour long chat with a major guest. Sadly the guest was not Margarita Pracatan, the utterly bonkers keyboard player that rose to fame through his television show, but renowned author Alan Sillitoe.
Clive James instantly has the audience in the palm of his hands. Despite his age he has lost none of the charm and warmth that makes him so appealing. He is that rare thing, a narrator who stamps his mark on an interview but never once dominates the conversation and never comes across anything but 100% genuine. When he discusses what a fan he is of the work of Sillitoe and what an honour it is to hear him do some reading of his poetry the audience can’t help but be swept along by his enthusiasm.
Sillitoe is a great guest, able to articulate beautifully his choices in life and discuss quite frankly his fascinating history of being a writer. He is witty, entertaining and thanks to this the hour breezes along effortlessly.
Clive James delivers an intelligent chat show that delves far deeper into his guests psyche than any other chat show on the Fringe, highly recommended.

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